Board of Directors and Officers*

Toomas Kilm – Chairman, President *

Helena Otsa – Director, Vice President *

Leena Kangro – Director, Secretary *

Mati Laan – Director, Treasurer *

Gunnar Tamm – Director, Grants

Lya Karm – Director

Mati Laan – Director

Pia Salmre – Director

Virve Vaher – Director

Kadri Wichman – Director

The Estonian Relief Committee, Inc., established in 1941, is a publicly supported non-profit charitable organization established under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and is registered with the State of New York.

The Board of Directors are elected by the Members as defined by the bylaws of the corporation. The Board designates the Officers and Auditors.

The Board of Directors, guided by the bylaws, determines the policies of the organization and has the power and authority to manage the assets and to govern the affairs of the organization.


Karin Raus – ERC Member

The books and records are audited by the Audit Committee volunteers. The ERC utilizes an outside certified public accounting firm to annually file Federal Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) and New York State Form Char500 (Annual Filing for Charitable Organizations) as required by law. Copies of the filed forms are available upon request.


Annual Members’ Meeting is scheduled for November 3, 2024 from 6:00 – 7:30 Eastern time via Zoom

Karin Annus-Kärner
Janne Dombrowski
Andrus Ers
Merike Grunbaum
Kirsten Hantho
Enda-Mai Holland
Leena Kangro
Lya Karm
Ivan Kavoleff
Ly Kilm
Toomas Kilm
Rein Kirss
Ilomai Kurrik
Aleksa Kärner
Mati Laan
Kaarel Laev
Leelo Linask
Lii Maasik
Silja Melts
Ingrid Nagy
Helena Otsa

Mati Otsmaa
Sven Paul
Kaie Põhi Latterner
Urve Põhi
Helen Poldroo
Karin Raus
Kadri Wichman
Eve Saar
Pia Salmre
Liisa Sestrich
Magnus Skonberg
Toomas Sõrra
Eric Suuberg
Gunnar Tamm
Ilmar Tamm
Sirje Uriko
Silvia Vaher
Virve Vaher
Liisi Vanaselja
Lia Vaska

The Members of the Estonian Relief Committee provide advice and counsel regarding the mission and goals of the organization and to monitor the execution of its stated mission by the Board of Directors.

Feedback from the Members helps the Board of Directors to reflect the pulse of the broader Estonian American community.

As defined in the bylaws, Members can be elected at any meeting of the Members or Board of Directors. Qualifications for membership are determined by the Board of Directors.

The Members are all volunteers.

Tax deductible donations can be made by check, PayPal, credit card and VENMO.

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